Authentique brand

Wordmark for a Paris-based user research and strategy firm. 2021.

      Microsoft voice UX

      Helping people achieve more when they can't see or touch a screen. Work rooted in research with the blind. 2016—2018.

          53 wall

          UX exploration for a smart whiteboard. 2015.

              53 pen

              UX exploration for a bluetooth stylus with a dial. Encoder spec, firmware spec, prototypes, API oppies, etc. 2015.

                53 paper

                I cowrote the ink engine of the drawing app, Paper. Collaboration with the founding team (four people). 2011—2012.

                measured outcomes
                • This work garnered 1.5 million downloads in the first three days of its release.

                  Microsoft HTML5 demos

                  Prototypes that showcased the compelling aspects of HTML5, including its potential use for 3D Bing Maps and Windows Phone. 2010—2011.

                  measured outcomes
                  • Windows Phone Design adopted my prototypes and prototyping approach.
                  • Bing Maps and Bing Mobile adopted an HTML5 approach, and used the demos as a way to help greenlight 3D maps for turn-by-turn directions.

                      Microsoft courier

                      I led UX and prototyping for "ink" in this pen-based tablet device. I worked with expert users to iteratively prototype writing and drawing experiences. 2009—2010.

                      measured outcomes
                      • Our leaks were favorably mentioned across the otherwise snarky blogosphere, at Gizmodo, Engadget, CNET, Ars Technica, and PC World.

                        NYC VIC interactive tables

                        Software development for a branded Google Maps app running on custom hardware at the NYC Visitor Information Center. I led the UX and software development of a simpler, touchscreen-only revision of the project later on. Collaboration with Local Projects, GestureTek, and NYC & Co. 2009, 2010.

                        measured outcomes
                        • Members of the Google Maps team remarked to us that it was the best implementation of its Flash API they had yet seen.
                        • Kanye West blogged this project.

                            Microsoft envisioning

                            Research, interaction design, and storyboarding for these (now) very dated visions of the future. Collaboration with an internal team of four and our external friends at Digital Kitchen. 2005—2007.

                                IPC IQ/MAX

                                Iterative design and prototyping of communication tools for trading floors. Collaboration with a small, talented team of UX and ID at Frog Design NYC. 2005.

                                measured outcomes
                                • 65% first year adoption rate.
                                • $36M revenue in first quarter of release.

                                    Bloomberg dynamic signage

                                    Kinetic typography prototyping for dynamic signage installed at Bloomberg HQ. Collaboration with Pentagram Design. 2004.